Commonly Asked Questions

Q1. Does car spray paint jobs come with any warranty and what does it cover?
Car spray paint jobs done by us are covered with one year warranty against paint defects except damages caused by owner.

Q2. How do i specify the colour i want?
You can specify your desired colour by viewing the colour chart provided by us.

Q3. What is the procedure of making an insurance claim if i met with an accident?
Consult our professional car claim officer for a trouble free car claims.

Q4. I have some minor scratches and dents on my car door?
Drive your car to us for a visual assessment and we will advise you accordingly, depending on your car damage conditions.

Q5. Do you provide standalone grooming services?
Standalone car grooming services is available. Our car grooming services include polishing, waxing, interior steam cleaning plus a complimentary car wash and interior vacuum. For more information please contact us.